And So It Begins

I have always wanted to start a blog. I just never knew where to begin. Or what to even say… I don’t travel around the world, or have an amazing internship that would give me something to write on a daily or weekly basis. I thought about fashion– but who would take fashion advice from someone who wears nike shorts, lululemon and tennis shoes on a daily basis and who can’t bear to wear jeans for longer than 3 hours?

So I decided on the next best thing: Cooking. I haven’t done much of it, but after my first attempt at a “gourmet” homemade meal on my own, I can’t stop thinking of what else is out there. I want to learn new dishes, different recipes, try something foreign, make things I will never want to eat again, and make meals that I will turn into my own. I am not at the point where I can create my own recipes, so Pinterest will be my go-to for just about everything. We’ll see how this goes…

So here’s to the summer! Learning, creating and expanding my cooking repertoire while enjoying every bite along the way! Cheers! xox



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